Home-school Co-Op

Home & School allows for parents and families to support the students of our school in all different ways. See the calendar for a description of the programs and events we have scheduled.

Participating home-schoolers will attend on Fridays as guests. We will have our project presentations on Fridays, as well as special scheduling such as Art, Music, and Spanish. Parents will receive the parent parcel each Friday for the following week, allowing the home-schoolers to study for the spelling and Memory Verse tests, as well as to work on major projects as desired. Parents are welcome to stay or leave to their discretion, and a parent corner with seating will be made available for them on these days.

Price: $300 annually per student to cover Insurance and School Costs ($150 Per Semester or $30 per month). 

Dates: Every in-session Friday during the school year 

Time: 8AM-3PM 

Subjects may include: Chapel/Worship, Bible Projects, Memory Verse Test, Spelling Test, Health Projects, Recess, Language Arts Projects, Free Reading, Speech, Science Projects, Art, Music, and Spanish.

One of the services that Home and School is proud to offer is a nutritious Hot Lunch Program. If you would like to help with home and school, there are several areas we could use your help. Please contact the school office at 423-477-5722.